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Food and Water insecurity

One in four people are hungry or cannot regularly access nutritious food, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). In addition, one in three people don’t have access to safe drinking water according to the World Health Organization.

Of those who are hungry, 60% are women and girls. They’re also the ones who collect water in 80% of households without running water. Tragically, nearly 50% of children under five who die do so because of issues related to undernutrition. Sadly, many others also die due to issues related to unsafe or unreliable water sources.

Effective solutions include a range of activities from short-term emergency relief to long-term strategic initiatives, such as taking climate action, assisting individuals with diversitying and increasing their earning potential and facilitating community farming projects.

Most of our work on food and water insecurity focuses on supporting local community food gardening initiatives, usually with women and to feed children. We also facilitate sustainable agriculture with all members of the community and nutrition workshops mostly with mothers. In the past, we’ve also assisted with installing rainwater harvesting systems.

Our Current Initiatives

  • Nutrition workshops for mothers with children under five in Fiji in collaboration with the Fiji Ministry of health

  • Nutrition programs for children under five in Nepal

  • Sustainable food production workshops in Costa Rica

  • Rainwater harvesting system construction in Fiji in collaboration with local communities

  • Community food gardening in Mexico

  • Community food gardening in South Africa


meals were provided to children under the age of five in 2018


community members attended workshops on sustainable food production in 2018


community members attended workshops on maternal nutrition in 2018

Where you can contribute

Contribute to sustainable and long-term gender equality initiatives in Siem Reap, a bustling city in Cambodia.
Immerse yourself in the local culture and gain valuable teaching experience while you contribute to sustainable development projects.
Volunteer to provide much-needed public health support in Nepal.
Sign up for this internship and help us provide much-needed healthcare support to communities in Nepal
Improve health and well-being in the community of Ban Nam Khem in Southern Thailand through education.
Start your career in global health by completing our public health internship abroad in Southern Thailand.