Decent Work and Economic Growth

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Most of the world’s population live below the breadline, which is influenced by poverty as well. A factor that influences this as well is the lack of proper work opportunities that lead to an uneven distribution of economic growth. To ensure that sustainable economic growth takes place, it is essential that decent job opportunities are created for all people across the working age group.

The number of unemployed people is rapidly increasing every year, and the majority of these individuals are young people. In order to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth for all people worldwide, more than 470 million jobs have to be created between 2016 and 2030.

SDG 8 aims to bring about a 7% yearly gross domestic product growth in developing countries, which in turn will result in increased levels of economic productivity and growth among all sectors.

This can only happen if diversification and upgrading of technology takes place, as access to financial services is a necessity to promote employment, entrepreneurship, and the creation of smaller businesses.

The target is to create decent jobs for all people worldwide by 2030, especially for young people and people with disabilities, and to lower the number of young people who are unemployed and uneducated by 2020.

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