A Vital Difference

Public Health in Ghana

Volunteer to assist in improving physical and mental health for women, girls and communities in Ghana, West Africa.

Durations:  2 - 12 weeks

Program information

Ghanaian society remains largely patriarchal, and women and girls are often unable to openly discuss or access health support for topics like puberty, menstruation or mental health. As a result, teenage pregnancies and infant mortality rates remain high. Women are also most often responsible for their family’s health, from treating minor injuries to ensuring the family has the correct immunisations and is well nourished. Join us in Ghana to help create safe spaces for women and girls and to provide knowledge and support that helps challenge gender inequalities and helps improve the health of the community as a whole.

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Included in your program

Make the most of our unique programs with these exclusively curated local adventure and wellness experiences.

Participate in a cultural food exchange

Join an evening of West African dance and drumming

Learn to make Ghanaian fruit smoothies

Trek up Kokrobite Mountain

Learn to surf on Kokrobite Beach

Enjoy a Ghanaian fish BBQ on the beach

Learn the history of the transatlantic slave trade

Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cape Coast

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